One Eye On The World...

My Photographs Of Nothing In Particular.


Just a few snaps taken on a recent trip to Oxford. 

Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

Just a few snaps I took a few weeks ago.

Somerset House, London

Set between Strand and Embankment is a beautiful old building which often hosts art exhibitions. It has been the venue for the Sony sponsored World Photography Awards and these snaps were taken when we visited the show in May 2014.

Coffee Culture

It’s a strange thing to have witnessed over the past decade or so - the UK morphing into coffee drinkers when we were always a steadfast nation of tea drinkers.  My guess is that most of us still drink tea at home but the proliferation of purveyors of over-priced, milky, frothy, caffeine-laden bilge has surprised even me.

Ignoring the ludicrous cost of the stuff for a moment, coffee shop take-away culture (as part of the general move towards eating and drinking “on the hoof”) has played a significant part in turning our cities and towns into ad-hoc rubbish tips. People just can’t seem to be bothered to put discarded cartons into a waste bin and local authorities don’t seem to be able to keep up with clearing the volume of rubbish dumped on the streets. 

Personally, I’d like to see a heavy tax based on their turnover placed on the big players in the coffee shop game - as well as the burger and pizza chains - to fund cleaning up the streets.  I’m sick of walking through London and having to avoid empty and half-consumed food and its packaging lying around the place. I don’t expect people live like that in their own homes, so why should they get away with it out of doors,

Pathetic little schemes fining litter louts just don’t work. The authorities should hit the source of the problem - the retailers - hard and make them provide bins around town.

No bloody wonder there’s a rat, pigeon and other vermin population explosion in most cities and towns.

Shingle Street - Part 2

A couple more from Shingle Street on the Suffolk Coast. Hasselblad 500c/m + 120mm Makro-Planar and 80mm Planar lenses on Ilford XP2 Super. Scanned using Epson V750 and processed in Lightroom 4.

Suffolk Coast

These photos were taken last weekend at a place called Shingle Street on the Suffolk coast of England. Taken only minutes apart, the light changed dramatically and, although the more backlit shot is a bit fogged, I actually prefer it.

Route 66 - Los Angeles

A selection of photos taken in and around Los Angeles at the end of our Route 66 odyssey last October.


Last week, my wife and I had a short break in Munich. These are a few snaps I made with my Bessa R4M and 21mm/f4 Color-Skopar and 35mm/f1.2 Nokton using Ilford XP2 Super. I’m really pleased with the sharpness and overall look of the photos. I metered off walls and floors to get a mid-grey and set EV manually as the sky was too bright and would have under-exposed everything. 

As for Munich; I’d imagined it being a lot more quaint than it turned out to be. It’s a nice enough place and there’s lots of interesting places to visit but, next time, I think we’ll head for a small town or village to get more of the authentic Bavarian vibe.